When people have several needs, it is hard to concentrate on the best plan forward. 211 Navigators are trained to help callers identify and address all their concerns.

In New Brunswick, a 211 Navigator took a call from a man in Moncton who was feeling overcome by worries. He had many concerns, and wasn’t sure where to start. He was struggling with his mental health and was having money problems. He was also looking for employment and help accessing food.

The Navigator started by clarifying the caller’s needs. One by one they talked about the situation and prioritized what was most important. The Navigator provided the caller with immediate as well as more long-term mental health resources. He empathized with the caller’s monetary situation and found utility programs to help pay the bills that he was struggling with. He also located a food bank within walking distance of the caller, as well as an employment organization to help him back into the workforce when he is ready.